Leadership is not simply something we do. It comes from somewhere inside us. Leadership is a process, an intimate expression of who we are. It is our being in action… (Often times) the missing link in leadership development is growing the person to grow the leader. As we grow, so shall we lead.

                                                                                                                                      -- Kevin Cashman, Leadership From the Inside Out

About Us

There is no substitute for good leadership. 

If you want your organization or team to thrive, developing your leaders at every level is the key.

Here are the core beliefs that guide our approach to leadership development:

  • Leading the work is different from doing the work; we need to invest in those great individual contributors that we promote.

  • We lead from the inside out, which means that leadership development requires personal development.

  • Self awareness, flexibility and intentionality are the core areas for development when leading people.

  • Certain leader behaviors are correlated with great results but the expression of these behaviors should look like "you", not like someone else.

Whether it is a one day training event, a series of leadership development experiences, team consultation or individual coaching, Leadership Solutions creates a learning environment where individuals not only learn skills but they are also invited to explore more deeply who they are, who they want to be and how they can use their strengths in leadership.

Who We Are

The primary focus of Leadership Solutions is to help values-based organizations keep their key talents fully engaged and to be effective in the mission that engages the passion of its leaders/owners.

Leadership Solutions works with leaders and teams at all levels of an organization. We specialize in truly customized programs that address the real life issues challenging our clients.

There are no “have to’s” in program delivery. You partner with us to design the approach that best suits your staff, your needs and your budget.

Our President, Terrie Glass, has 20 years of leadership experience in a values-based, mission-driven organization. She can help you create programs to develop your leaders, focus your work more effectively, create a culture of excellence in customer service and retain the best of your best. 


Some of our clients include:

  • Advanced Orthopedic Center
  • American Public Human Services Association
  • Behavioral Health Providers (public and private)
  • Beth Sholom Retirement Community
  • Boehringer-Ingelheim
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Capital One Bank
  • CarMax
  • Department of Energy
  • Departments of Social Services (many Virginia localities)
  • Dominion Power
  • FBI National Academy
  • Hospital Corporation of America - Mid-Atlantic Supply Chain
  • International Association of Fire Chiefs
  • Illinois State University
  • Law Enforcement Units—Federal, State and Local
  • Local Government Organizations (e.g., Fairfax County, Henrico County)
  • Mechanicsville Medical Center Family Practice
  • National Association of Boating Law Administrators
  • National Rehabilitation Association
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • North Carolina Association of CPA's
  • Patient Services Incorporated
  • Potomac Hospital Assocation
  • Professional Association of Innkeepers International
  • Rappahannock General Hospital
  • Southwest Atlantic Bottled Water Association
  • Tredegar Corporation
  • United Medical Products
  • U.S. Inspect
  • Valley Senior Services
  • VCU Health Systems
  • Virginia Assocation of Community Services Boards
  • Virginia Commonwelath University
  • Virginia Community College Workforce Alliance
  • Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
  • Virginia Department of Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Virginia Association of Hospital Volunteers
  • Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Virginia Institute for Social Services Training
  • Virginia Association of Community Services Boards
  • Virginia Association of Healthcare Volunteers
  • Virginia Office of Comprehensive Services
  • Virginia Treasurers Association
  • Virginia Women’s Center
  • Workforce Investment Boards (various localities)


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