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Leadership Lessons

It's Always "Show Time"

Leaders learn many of their important lessons through trial and error. I was no exception to that. And while learning from mistakes gets a lot of good press, the truth is that much of the time it would be preferable to learn from the experience of someone else instead. So for what it could be worth to you, here is one of the many lessons I learned the hard way: When you are in a leadership role, it is always "show time".

Employee Retention - Getting the Good Ones to Stay

In the world of work, there is nothing more disheartening than losing a great employee. While you may be able to graciously say “She found a great opportunity” or “I knew I wouldn’t have him long” – the truth is, you wish none of that were true. Having great employees is a big factor in what makes companies of all sizes able to be great. So if you have had the good fortune of hiring one of those “great ones”, how do you ensure that you keep him/her as long as possible?

Hiring the Right People

A colleague of mine used to be fond of saying “I’d love being a manager if it weren’t for the people!” It was a joke…mostly. What usually prompted his quasi-serious complaint was some staff problem that he would rather not have had to face. I always laughed along because I was a manager, too, and I knew exactly what he was saying.

Unfortunately, staff problems are just part of having staff. But the truth is that most people in the workforce are good employees – a pleasure to work with and an asset to the companies they work for. Your primary and most important challenge once you have grown large enough to need staff is to find someone from that “most people” group and hire her/him. Here are some things to keep in mind as you approach hiring.

Motivating Your Staff - How to Encourage Star Performance

Here’s the good news and the bad news: 100% of the staff you hire will be human beings. That’s right. Human beings. As such, these staff have the ability to contribute significantly to the success of your business. They also have the ability to make you wonder why in the world you would ever have chosen to run a business that requires staff! One of the challenges of leadership is to find ways to maximize those moments when staff are contributing positively and minimize those moments when you are wishing to once again work alone! Motivating your staff to be star performers is the key. Here are some suggestions about how to accomplish that task.

When Enough is Enough

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Sometimes you have done your best to hire well, your have coached, your have tried to motivate, you have done the things one should do around retention and still, in spite of it all, your staff person simply does not perform well. It happens to all of us – even the best leaders and managers. What makes this problem a REAL PROBLEM is not dealing with that employee in an efficient and effective way. The best leaders know that even though it can be tough, handling human resource problems sooner rather than later is always best.