Terrie is excellent!  She has an excellent understanding of people, their needs, and the way they think.  She has worked with both our support and our management staff and is equally comfortable and effective with both groups.  She delivers a message that really makes people evaluate themselves and inspires them to consider what they coudl be doing to have greter fulfillment in their lives both personally and professionally.  She is engaging and has a delightful humor that has people laughing while learning.

-- Susan Green, Director of Training (former)
    Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services
We had two mission critical teams who were interdependent and not working well together due to long standing issues.  The teams came to us asking for help and we brought in Terrie.  She did a marvelous job of identifying the key issues quickly and worked effectively to resolve issues that individuals on the teams thought were unsolvable.  I teased her later that she definitely did not charge enough for that work!
-- S.M., Financial Industry Client
You were awesome!  We could not have asked for a better keynote.  The comments have all been rave reviews!
-- Susie Cumbia Clare, Executive Director
    Office of Comprehensive Services
Wow!  What a tremendous response from the program you presented... An overall rating of 95% is truly remarkable.  Your design, facilitation and content really hit the mark.  It was a definite success!
-- P.R. Human Resources Director
Terrie taught a class for the Institute called "So You Want to be a Leader".  She received a score of 4.8 (out of 5) on her evaluations.  One of the comments was among the most glowing I have seen for any trainer. "Terrie is an engaging teacher who makes you think by examining yourself.  She is one of the best teachers I have ever had.  Whatever you're paying her, she is worth every penny!"
-- Billie Easton, Training Director
    Virginia Institute of Government, UVA
From participants in corporate open enrollment programs....
Loved the exercises.  They were beneficial in relating the material and application of discussions.  Your real world examples are great.  I was able to relate the learning easily to my work.
Terrie is an excellent teacher.  Her insightfulness about interpersonal interaction was very helpful to me.
I have taken a lot of classes in my 20+ year career and I have to say that this program (all 6 days) was the best I have ever participated in.  I really learned things that will make me a better leader.  Thank you.
I found this to be a very enlightening class.  I was able to examine my feelings, behavior and leadership style and to, hopefully, develop myself as a stronger leader.
I came to program because my supervisor "strongly suggested" that I would benefit from your expertise in effective leadership.  I didn't want to come at all, and now, I don't want it to be over!  Thanks, Terrie!