Blood, Sweat & Bricks

There are challenges rarely discussed in training classes or through conventional leadership books that can hold us back as leaders, costing our organizations time, energy and money. Blood, Sweat and Bricks: Laying Your Foundation for Effective Leadership, offers straightforward insights for navigating these challenges and helping you build the leadership skills you need to be effective.

“Strong leaders never stop striving to be better.”  Terrie Glass

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Praise for Blood Sweat and Bricks

Terrie’s leadership message captures those nuggets that often go under the radar.  She presents them in ways that are easily digested and implemented.  Because insights are presented from her personal story, they can be quickly translated and leveraged in the reader’s personal situations.”

Jay Markiewicz, Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business

Every leader wants to be effective, the challenge is HOW?…Want to learn how? Get this book, read this book and use it with your team. Clear, effective and practical ‘news you can use’ to accelerate your journey from a tried and true master of the leadership craft. Let it make a difference in You”

Vincent E. Boles, Major General, United States Army (Retired)
Keynote Speaker and Author “4-3-2-1 Leadership”

As a healthcare and nursing leader, I have spent thousands of dollars looking for that magic book that would help me be an effective leader.  Finally, I have found exactly what I was looking for in Terrie’s book, “Blood, Sweat and Bricks:  Laying your Foundation for Effective Leadership.”  I only wish I had found it 50 years ago.   The title defines the content as she extraordinarily lays out the foundation of how to be an effective and successful leader.  She explains the foundation and reinforces it with real life experience that leaders encounter along the trajectory of life’s journey.  Each “brick” I found to be profoundly right on the mark. Now don’t waste another minute start reading.  Leadership can be your passion which will require you to never work another day in your life because your work will be joy!”

Shirley Gibson, DNP, MSHA, RN, FACHE
Associate Vice President of Support Services and Planning
VCU Health System