Frequently Asked Questions

Our expertise is in the human aspects of business execution.  We are passionate about the privilege and responsibility of leadership, about getting and keeping “the right people on the bus”, about transforming organizations to be more deeply values based and mission driven, and about growing the people themselves as well as the skills needed to do a job.

We speak and teach on leadership topics, as well as other “soft skills” topics (e.g. communication, customer service, conflict, etc.) A list of already developed programs is available on this website. Other topics can be developed at no additional charge.

We have significant experience in a number of sectors including financial services, the health care industry, human services, information technology, and the government sector.

Absolutely. In fact, we prefer a multi-session format because it affords the opportunity for follow-up and greater integration of learning. Small learning groups that are facilitated around leadership development topics are another innovative area of expertise.

Currently, we only offer trainer instruction for Leadership Learning Groups. However, a request for trainer instruction would be considered.

We work hard to not let the fee be the barrier to partnering with you. We do have a standard fee for training days, keynotes and conference breakout sessions. That being said, let’s talk!