From time to time we all need help from someone outside of the organization. Our staff is able to provide both short term and long term consultation to groups or individuals, specifically in the following areas:

Leadership Development

Individual coaching, small group coaching or consultation with a leadership team that is seeking to change the organizational culture.

Team Functioning

Group work to strengthen a team or resolve issues that are keeping the team stuck. Consultation with a team leader to assist in addressing difficult team dynamics. Group work with multiple teams who are facing challenges in their collaboration with one another.

Culture Transformation

Facilitating a process to articulate clearly the culture that is desired, the behaviors that need to change or begin and an effective plan to make this new culture alive and clearly displayed throughout the organization.

Change / Transition Management

Consulting with a leadership team that is either initiating a change or experiencing challenges in helping the staff transition in response to a change.

Career Management

Individual coaching or consultation with a leadership team that seeks to create a more robust approach to the career development of all staff or succession planning.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” — Anais Nin, Author