Powerful… Engaging…

Great content with a compelling delivery.


Your audience is filled with people who want to increase their own effectiveness… . people who can benefit from the challenge to claim and use their talents… and folks who want the opportunity to leave a presentation feeling better about who they are instead of guilty about who they aren’t.

Terrie is the speaker for you!

Terrie delivers a strong message, illustrated by stories to which everyone relates.  Her sincerity and passion capture not only the minds but often the hearts of those listening. One of the things you will notice when Terrie delivers a speech is that the audience is still.  The exits from the room are few and far between and the shuffling of papers is non-existent.  She doesn’t do “razzle dazzle”.  She does great content with a compelling delivery.

Topics can be delivered as keynote or closing addresses, general sessions or workshops.  A topic can be customized or newly created to highlight the theme of your conference.

Sample Topics from prior presentations:

  • Unleashing the Potential in Yourself and Others
  • Leading During Lean Times
  • Leading Change That Matters
  • Good to Great – Key Strategies for Development
  • Making a Difference to Your Customers

Booking Terrie

Get rave reviews at your next conference or event!
To hire Terrie for your next speaking event, send us an email at: tglass@leadershipsolutions.us

Dates are booked in order of request, with a deposit locking in your requested date.

I hired Terrie to deliver five custom written keynote addresses for our company’s value initiative. Her talks made us laugh and made us cry. She touched everyone in the audience with heartfelt stories that really hit home. I was sure we had the right person when after our first talk, our company CEO looked at me and said ‘She nailed it. She really nailed it.

Bill Conner, Regional Manager
US Inspect

Relevant to the context.

Real life messages for your audience.

The right mix of funny and significant.

Compelling messages that inspire.

You were awesome! We could not have asked for a better keynote. The comments have all been rave reviews!

Susie Cumbia Clare, Executive Director
Office of Comprehensive Services