Team Building

Leading a team is significantly different than leading individuals.  A team is not just a group of individuals; it is a dynamic entity with a life of its own.  Reading group dynamics, building collaboration, engaging full participation in decisions and implementation — these are real challenges for any leader!

Leadership Solutions works with teams and team leaders to deepen their ability to work more effectively together. Programs are customized but always include highly interactive activities and reflective dialogue to call out the dynamics that are often hidden in teams.

One pre-meeting with leadership is required prior to a team building event to establish goals for the day.

Experiential learning, dialogue about current work issues, driving relationships and trust deeper — all of these and more can be the focus of your customized team building day.

To collaborative team members, completing one another is more important than competing with one another.

John Maxwell

A day of team building is well worth the money!

Terrie has been invaluable in helping provide an unbiased lens for leaders in my teams who need occasional gut checks or for making sure every member of a team feels included in a decision that ultimately is not theirs to make. Her transparent, straightforward language has helped replace any feelings of “gotcha” with “I get it!” 

Laura Edge Kottkamp, MBA
Executive Director, VCU School of Business Foundation and Corporate Relations
VCU School of Business

We had two mission critical teams who were interdependent and not working well together due to long standing issues. The teams came to us asking for help and we brought in Terrie. She did a marvelous job of identifying the key issues quickly and worked effectively to resolve issues that individuals on the teams thought were unsolvable. I teased her later that she definitely did not charge enough for that work!

S.M., Financial Industry Client