Blood, Sweat & Bricks

Blood, Sweat & Bricks

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There are challenges rarely discussed in training classes or through conventional leadership books that can hold us back as leaders, costing our organizations time, energy and money. Blood, Sweat and Bricks: Laying Your Foundation for Effective Leadership, offers straightforward insights for navigating these challenges and helping you build the leadership skills you need to be effective.

2 reviews for Blood, Sweat & Bricks

  1. Andrew Baxter

    In her work, Terrie artfully articulates the skills needed to build and nurture effective teams. The concepts in this book will be helpful to both new and seasoned leaders and are applicable in any professional setting.

  2. Kay Stout, M.D, MBA

    Absolutely fantastic that Terrie has taken her vast experience in the disrupted industry of healthcare and created a how-to manual to give leaders the tools to create the organizational environment where exceptional discretionary behavior and performance becomes the norm.

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